Why a Thanksgiving EVE service?

thanksgivingSome may think it odd that churches have “Eve” services. We have Thanksgiving Eve, New Years Eve, even Christmas Eve services. Why, you may wonder, have the services the day before? Why not have them on the actual day? Of course we do have services on at least a few of the days, like Christmas, but we also have a service on the “eve.” The answer goes back to how the Church historically reckoned time, which we simply adopted from the Jews, who simply adopted it from Genesis 1. Each day of creation (in Genesis 1) was ended with the phrase “and there was evening and there was morning, the ____ day.” So the idea is that the new day begins at sundown. Therefore a Thanksgiving Eve service is still a Thanksgiving Day service. We hope to see a good turnout at our Thanksgiving Eve (Day) service tonight at 7:00 PM.