Two Ways to Find Jesus in the OT

The Lord be with you

In a sermon Martin Luther preached on Easter Monday, April 2. 1526, he began a short series of messages based on the Bible study Jesus gave to the two Emmaus Road disciples. The following excerpt is from the first message.

Yesterday (Easter, 1526) you heard the history, and then the use, power, and fruit which the work of the resurrection brings: that we will surely rise again and have eternal life. This Gospel reading [Luke 24:13-35] gives us more to preach about than that. (He says, “Everything must be fulfilled” [Luke 24:44].) He shows us more of this in the prophets, who many years before predicted this work [of resurrection]. First, he mentions Moses and others who predicted that He would indeed suffer in this way. In the Old Testament there is a twofold doctrine about Christ: (1) the open passages and (2) the figures, as when David struck down Goliath or Samson struck down the Philistines. For that reason, these passages and the history of the Old Testament are to be drawn into this history of the resurrection. Where does Moses speak about the resurrection of Christ? You will read nothing explicit about this, but when we are awakened and our eyes are opened, as were those of the two disciples [Luke 24:31], then we know as they did. (If we look with Jewish eyes, we see nothing. But if we believe, all things are open to us.)

Martin Luther, Luther’s Works v. 56, p. 164-165