Löhe’s “On Mercy,” part II

I have already posted a review of part I of Wilhelm Löhe’s pamphlet “On Mercy.” The original booklet had seven chapters. This publishing of his work divided it into two pamphlets. Part I had the first 5 chapters and part II has the final two chapters.

The next chapter, chapter 7 in the original, is: “How is a Deaconess to Practice Mercy?” In this chapter Löhe is focused on the resurgence of the deaconess in his 19th century Germany. He has advice on their training and function. While none of us are 19th century deaconess, we can learn from his suggestions. After all, one does not have to be a deaconess to carry out acts of mercy nor to be trained in the various areas that make for a good deaconess.

Part II of Wilhelm Löhe’s pamphlet “On Mercy” is divided into two chapters (chapters 6 and 7 in the original German booklet). The first chapter (chapter 6) is: “How did the Church of All Ages Follow Her Lord’s Command to Practice Mercy?” In it he traces the rise and fall of many institutions of mercy, up to his day. One thing Löhe notes is the value of learning from the less-than-orthodox institutions that, nonetheless, sought to share Christian mercy. Many of these institution began with good intentions but, over the years, lost their original propose and are now remembered in a negative light or not remembered at all.

Once again, I felt this “part II” pamphlet is worth reading but, to be honest, I felt part I provided more meat for the everyday believer. The link below will take you to it so you can form your own opinion.


Blessings in Christ,