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Is Anything Impossible for the LORD?

The Lord be with you

In Genesis 18, the Lord visited Abraham along with two angels. After the two angels departed, Jesus spoke with Abraham one on one. Jesus reiterated his promise that Abraham would have a son by his wife Sarah, even though they were both very old. God had not forgotten his promise and would fulfill it, even though, according to human reason, keeping the promise was impossible. Herberger, when pondering this story, finds assurance in believing other “impossible” things the Lord has told us.

Men often forget their pledges, but You (Jesus) will keep Yours in good faith and fidelity. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but Your words shall remain and be fulfilled to the last stroke [Matt. 24:35; 5:18]. You are mindful of us and bless us [Ps 115:12]. Indeed, You are mindful of Your own faithfulness and leave no one in shame who trusts Your words. As You reminded Abraham of Your old consolation, so remind me also of that old consolation which You granted me in my Baptism so that in my cross and suffering I may not be overcome.

You said, “Is anything impossible for the LORD?” Surely nothing is impossible for You, O Lord Jesus. Saying and doing may be two different things for men, but with You it is one and the same. Doing is as easy for You as saying. This makes me bold to approve every article of the Christian faith, even when some part of it runs contrary to all reason, for nothing is impossible for You. Display this almighty power in my great troubles from which no created thing can help me, for all things that are impossible with man are easy and possible with You [Matt. 19:26 par.].

Herberger, Valerius The Great Works of God: Parts Three and Four: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 16-50 29

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