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Galatians as Banner of the Reformation – a Review

A Review

In Search of Celebrating the Reformation Rightly: Luther’s “Lectures on Galatians” as the Banner of the Reformation
Dr. Naomichi Masaki
Concordia Theological Quarterly

Dr. Naomichi Masaki

Volume 81-3-4; July/October 2017

One of the truly grand works of Martin Luther (1483-1546) was his lectures on Galatians (Luther’s Works, volumes 26-27, Concordia Publish House In it he clearly elucidates the proper distinction between Law and Gospel, a distinction which is vital to a proper understanding of the Bible, presents an understanding of conscience that avoids collapsing into moralism, the relationship between faith and love, the proper office of Christ, and so much more. While Luther wrote many great things, like the Small and Large Catechisms, which are loved and still widely used, his lectures on Galatians are such a wonderful writings that I could say, if you don’t get Luther on Galatians you don’t get Luther.

Naomichie Masaki does a wonderful review of the key elements of Luther’s lectures on this book as he holds it up for us as a “Banner of the Reformation.” Yes, the 500th anniversary of the posting of the 95 Theses is over, but that was only the beginning of the Reformation. We would be right to continue to remember and celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation until the 500 anniversary of the publishing of the Book of Concord (which will be in 2080). To help us understand Lutheran Reformation theology, I can hardly recommend Masaki’s article.

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