Comfort Is Often Hard to Get

MARTIN LUTHER was in search of comfort for his soul and assurance for his sensitive conscience above all else in life. Finally he found this comfort and assurance. Yet at times even they scarcely quieted his troubled spirit, for in spite of the assurance of forgiveness he sometimes felt as did the brothers of Joseph. So he comments on Gen. 45:14-15.

946 Comfort Is Often Hard to Get
My experience and the experience of others testify how difficult the application of the comfort of Scripture really is. For about thirty years I have been reading the Bible with the greatest attentiveness and diligence, yet I am not so healed that I can with full confidence come to rest in the remedies God has pointed out to us. I desire to be stronger and sturdier in the faith and prouder in Christ, but I cannot achieve my desires. [references cited]

Plass, Ewald M (editor) What Luther Says: A Practical In-Home Anthology for the Active Christian 321