Book Review: Regan Country

Book Review: Regan Country: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel
Author: Ray Keating

Pastor Stephen Grant has an unusual background. He was once a Navy SEAL and then a CIA agent before becoming a pastor. He now serves as the senior pastor of St. Mary’s Lutheran Church in New York. Though he left the life of action and intrigue behind to serve in a different way, it seems his past always has a way of catching up with him. Once again he is pulled back into the world of international gamesmanship and he must draw on all the skills he has mastered, both as a man of action and as a man of the cloth. Through Jennifer, his economist wife, Pastor Grant becomes involved with post-communist Russian politics, which is a deadly, fast-paced drama.

As is the case with each of Ray Keating’s Pastor Stephen Grant novels, Reagan Country allows us to think along spiritual lines as we are drawn along with the narrative. In this case, one can ponder the unseen role of angels along with the role of Christian Faith on a culture. As with each of the previous novels in the series, I certainly recommend Reagan Country: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel. It is 300 pages of adventure.

Blessings in Christ
Pastor Rickert