Acts 3:18-19 Peter Carries the Torch – a sermon

This is an expository sermon based on Acts 3:1-21. It is the story of how a man born lame was healed, and the sermon Peter preached after he was healed.


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    OurRedeemer says

    Roland, a retired Lutheran minister from a different Lutheran denomination, is a faithful attendee at Our Redeemer. He regularly asks for a copy of our sermons and then posts them on different forums he participates in on-line, along with some of his personal observations. He then copies his post, with those observations, back to me. I so enjoyed his comments this week (actually they are always good) that I decided to post them in a comment on our blog. They follow:

    I was much excited by hearing the pastor’s expository message and babbled, I fear, as much to my pastor. I specifically remembered the point he made, referring to verse 21. That was carefully rehearsed in exegesis class for our hermeneutics in thinking of the verse and the reference in the creeds where we claim that Christ Jesus has ascended in order to take charge of heaven as he had been in charge prior to the incarnation when he humbled himself for our sakes.

    I even sent the pastor, by e-mail, a quote of Luther’s 1545 translation of the Bible. I wrote him, “Apostelgeschichte 3:21 Luther Bibel 1545 (LUTH1545)

    21 welcher muß den Himmel einnehmen bis auf die Zeit, da herwiedergebracht werde alles, was Gott geredet hat durch den Mund aller seiner heiligen Propheten von der Welt an.

    Luther Bibel 1545 (LUTH1545)
    Copyright © 1545 by Public Domain

    As Dr. Luther says the Greek accurately, Christ must receive heaven as his due (from the word “dower”) because the Crucified One is risen from the dead and resumes his CEO authority and power. Wherever the “right hand of God” is at work, creating, maintaining, renewing, or keeping, the whole Person of the Christ (both divine and human natures) is there.

    Then, realizing my botch, (SNAFU), since I’d sent it to Our Redeemer’s blog and not everyone in the congregation reads German, I had the Google translate Luther’s German into English. Here is the Google, present-day translation, of that Luther German from the 1545 bible verse. It doesn’t have my fingerprints all over it!
    “Acts 3:21 Luther Bible 1545 (LUTH1545) 21which is to take heaven to the time when all that God spoke through the mouth of all his holy prophets is brought forth from the world. Luther Bible 1545”

    I remember it as one of the many places where Zwingli and others, like Arius, go wrong in trying to limit the Divine Logos, Second Person of the Holy Trinity. When we believe, teach, and confess the assumption of the humanity of Jesus into The Second Person’s divinity, we mean simply that we humans have direct access to God in all his divinity. We do not mean that the Logos is stymied, hindered, or limited in some way by the humanity of Jesus following the resurrection and ascension. Thus it is an error to think or teach that the Body and Blood of Christ, as my pastor clearly declared, is stuck in heaven. Like a picture might be nailed to the wall, some pretend the physicality of the body of Jesus overrode or laid requirements on the Messiah. That’s pure nonsense! Instead, the divinity of the Logos assumed and included all the humanity of what happened in the incarnation. It was great to hear the truth of the Gospel presented so precisely and clearly! I pray you enjoy reading it aloud so you may likewise hear the good news.

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