Joseph, Guardian of Jesus

Festival of St. Joseph, Guardian of Jesus March 19 The Lord be with you Joseph was, of course, the husband […]

The Way, the Truth, the Life

A prayer from Chrysostom, quoted by Johann Gerhard: We give You thanks, O Lord, because You have provided us with […]

Lenten Service Canceled

The Lord be with you We are having a “Snow Day.” While the roads are passable now, they will freeze […]

The Poverty of Christ

But He [Christ] became poor with His emptying, humiliation, and assumption of the form of a servant. For that reason, […]

Revelation 4 – Bible study

The Lord be with you Last night our Revelation class met again. We mainly considered the four living creatures in […]

Christ for Every Age

God could have created Jesus as an adult man, like he did for Adam. He came, instead, as a babe […]

Thinking About Abraham – a sermon

The Lord be with you Today’s message is based on a “typological” understanding of our Old Testament lesson (Genesis 12:1-9). […]

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday. Turn your clocks forward one hour to be sure you can lose an hour […]