Aquila, Priscilla, and Apollos

Commemoration of Aquila, Priscilla, and Apollos February 13 The Lord be with you On the LC-MS liturgical calendar February 13 […]

Ash Wednesday

Tomorrow is both Ash Wednesday and, because it is February 10, the Commemoration of Silas, Fellow Worker of St Peter […]

Primer on Lenten Fasting

The Lord be with you As most everyone knows, the forty days of Lent reflect the forty days our Lord […]

Thursday Bible Study Schedule

Currently the Thursday morning Bible Study (10:00 AM) is examining the theology and stories behind some of our hymns. Below […]

Check the Calendar

As long as I’ve been here, the events calendar on this blog has been frozen in a loop. It automatically […]

Transfiguration Sunday

The Transfiguration or Our Lord The Lord be with you Tomorrow is Transfiguration Sunday. On our calendar, Transfiguration Sunday always […]

Jacob (Israel), Patriarch

Commemoration of Jacob (Israel), Patriarch February 5 The Lord be with you February 5 has been set aside to remember […]

OGT News Flash

February 2016 Dear Friend of Orphan Grain Mid-Atlantic, We’re starting something new – a monthly email to keep you up […]