Upcoming Bible Study Schedule

Easter Tuesday

The Lord be with you

bible-diggingThursday Bible study will meet this week (3-31). We will be looking at the hymn “Earth and All Stars” LSB 817. When I made the schedule out I said we would also meet on Thursday, April 7. However, I didn’t take into account that I would be out of town at the Professional Church Workers conference Monday through Wednesday of that week. This will leave me little time to prepare for the study as I will be focused on preparing for Sunday. Therefore we will not meet on April 7. We will resume class on April 14 and look at the biblical foundation and theology of the hymn “Lift High the Cross” LSB 837.

As I will be out of town on Monday, April 4, our Bible study focusing on the Psalms will also be postponed. We will resume on Monday, April 11. We will be looking at Psalm 4 and asking ourselves first how it reflects events in David’s life, then how it reflects events in the life of Christ and finally how it reflects times in our lives. As he goal of the class is to have each class self-contained (i.e. one class for one psalm) we will probably only be able to give principles to guide our further meditation on the psalm in reference to some of the ways to understand it.

He is risen!