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The Thread of Life

Scarlet Blood Signified by the Scarlet Thread on Zerah’s Hand
(Gen. 38:28).

Zerah was marked with a scarlet thread on his hand, just as Rahab, in Joshua 2:18 below, marked her house with a scarlet ribbon and was preserved. In this our dear forebears saw the scarlet blood of Jesus Christ, for thus every instance of scarlet in the Old Testament regularly points to the scarlet blood of Jesus Christ. The scarlet blood of Jesus Christ marks the house of our heart, that like Rahab’s house we may b3e safe from all the foes of our salvation. Just as the travailing mother in hard labor was here furnished with a scarlet thread, so may you draw strength in every distress from the scarlet thread of the poser of Jesus Christ’s scarlet blood. Then you will have comfort and deliverance. Christian mothers do well to carry the scarlet thread of Jesus Christ’s precious blood in their hearts. O Lord Jesus, when I pray, I will tie the scarlet thread of Your blood on my hand of faith, grounding my prayer upon Your blood and death with the certain hope that I will be heard. When I die, I will mark my heart with the scarlet thread of Your blood and thereby pass through distress and death to eternal life. Amen.

Valerius Herberger The Great Works of God … Chapters 16-50 360

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