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The Myth of “Righteous Anger” – a review

Dr. Jeffery Gibbs

The Lord be with you

We live in an angry country. We can easily see examples of the angry words and actions of angry people extolled. This has been magnified on the internet as people belittle others without a second thought. Christians, often, join in the angry din. We often describe our anger or indignation as “righteous.” The not-so-subtle thought behind this calcification is the assumption that “my” anger is without sin, that it is okay. But is it? What does the Bible actually teach about human anger? Human anger is the topic of a fascinating study by Dr. Jeffery Gibbs of Concordia Seminary and available on-line (The Myth of “Righteous Anger” What the Bible says about Human Anger). To be honest, this study just might make you angry. Our desire to justify ourselves by any means other than repentance and receiving forgiveness is powerful.

There is nothing new about anger. America certainly does not have a monopoly on anger. The same is true of the 21st century. Still, we live in America and we live in the 21st century. So giving the Biblical witness on anger serious reflection is something believers in Jesus can certainly profit from. This article by Gibbs is better than most places as a place to begin that reflection.

The Myth of “Righteous Anger” What the Bible says about Human Anger

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