Sunday Worship (Marth 15) and COVID-19

Dear fellow redeemed,

As you know, our governor has declared a state of emergency for Delaware because of COVID-19 is present in our state. You also know that that presence is right here in Newark. Concern about Sunday morning worship services is, therefore, natural. According to the governor’s emergency declaration, gatherings of 100+ should be avoided, so that doesn’t impact our worship services. However, COVID-19 is more dangerous for those who are 60 or older, and that is the majority of our members who attend worship on Sunday. Many nursing homes are entering quarantine status in our county. Schools around the state are closing. Therefore, for THIS Sunday, we will institute the following precautions:

This Sunday (March 15, 2020)

• Because I do not feel we have enough time to contact everyone, we will have a worship service
• Because there is real anxiety concerning the Lord’s Supper, we will not share it this coming Sunday, even though it is scheduled
• The offering plate will be placed at the entrance of the sanctuary so that it is not passed among the members (all those hands on the plate)
• A bottle of hand sanitizer will also be at the entrance to the sanctuary and everyone will be encourage to use it before entering the sanctuary
• People who attend will be encouraged to spread out in the pews (the more distance between people makes transmission less likely)
• The “sharing of the peace” will be eliminated because we tend to bunch-up in the isle
• Greeters will be encouraged to greet with a smile, but not a hand shake
• People who do not attend will be encouraged to send in their offerings (we still have bills)
• Church council, which is scheduled for this Sunday, will be canceled
• Sunday school will be canceled this Sunday
• An audio recording of the sermon will continue to be posted on-line
• Without a doubt, all members should keep this situation in their prayers and how we at Our Redeemer will respond. We have both a divine mandate to continue our Word and Sacrament ministry and a moral obligation to do so in the safest possible way

The situation with COVID-19 is very fluid. Please continue to visit our on-line presence (facebook and web-page) to keep up to date with how we are responding. We will also be sending out e-mails. For those who do not have access to the internet we will seek to keep them posted through regular mail. For now, pastor plans to maintain regular office hours.

Blessings in Christ