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Station 14 – the Burial of Jesus

Brief Description of Station 14 and the reason why the secondary images are included

Station 14 – Jesus buried (Matt 27:57-61 ; Mk 15:42-47; Lk 23:50-56; Jn 19:38-42)

a. Jonah swallowed by the great fish (Jonah 1; Matt 12:39-40)
b. Joseph cast into prison (Genesis 39)

Reason – Jonah was “buried” in the belly of the sea creature for three days pointing to Jesus being buried in the “belly” of the earth for three days.
Joseph was cast into prison but later raised up by Pharaoh and Jesus was cast into the prison of death but later raised by the Father.


There was but one duty left, bury Jesus. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus accepted the job. Not only was Jesus buried in a borrowed rich man’s tomb, but he was buried by rich men. It seemed like it was all over. We know that, in three days, Jesus would rise victorious, but the followers of Jesus had not yet figured that out. Not that Jesus hadn’t told them. He had. It is just that it was too difficult to believe.

You might say, they were having the same problem many have today with the story of Jonah. It is just too hard to believe. Nothing in the experience of Joseph and Nichodmus could prepare them for the resurrection, and nothing in a typical person’s experience would prepare them to believe the story God tells in the book of Jonah. Well, the most important part of it at any rate.

There is nothing unusual, of course, in being eaten by sea creatures if you are cast into the sea out of sight of land. There is also nothing unusual in dying and being buried if you have been crucified. The miraculous part is that Jonah was “resurrected” from his watery grave. The miraculous part is that Jesus was resurrected from his grave in the earth. To know these events as facts takes faith, faith in the word of God, faith that God had a purpose in foreshadowing Jesus’ resurrection, a purpose of providing us with a sure hope.

Joseph was cast into prison for being righteous. Jesus was also persecuted for being righteous. Joseph languished in that pit, forgotten by all. Jesus was cast into the prison of death. How many have entered that prison and been forgotten? Joseph, though, was finally remembered and was elevated to the right hand of Pharaoh. Jesus also was not forgotten as he lay in his grave. He was raised also, raised to the right-hand of the Father.

Joseph exercised all the power and authority of Pharaoh. Jesus now exercises all the power and authority of the Father. Indeed, the Father does nothing apart from the Son. So, all efforts to know the Father apart from the Son are futile. That, though, is a futile exercise you do not engage in, for you know the Son and the Son has set you free.

O Lord Jesus, the only son of the Father, you faced the pit of the grave and rose on the third day, grant to all who trust in you an eternal son-ship. Thank you that we are numbered in that eternal family, for we believe that you died and rose for us and for our salvation. Amen.

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