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Station 11

Brief Description of Station 11 and the reason why the secondary images are included

Station 11 – Jesus speaks from the cross (Matt 27:45-49; Mk 15:33-36; Lk 23:34-43; Jn 19:23-30a)

a. God tells Noah it is safe to leave the ark, rainbow promise (Genesis 8:13-22; 9:8-17)
b. God speaks to Elijah in a still small voice (1 Kings 19:9-18)

Reason – As God spoke words of hope to Noah so Jesus speaks words of hope from the cross.
As God’s voice was not in the earthquake and other mighty happenings on Mt Horeb but in the soft whisper, so God acts and speaks humbly from the cross and not with a mighty army of angels, etc.


In the midst of darkness, a tiny light shines. What a welcome relief. There is hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

So, during the darkness of Good Friday, when the Lord of Life hung on the tree of the cross, he spoke words of light, words of comfort, words of peace. Jesus knew there was light at the end of the tunnel, and he wanted others to know it as well.

He looked in love on the one who bore him, and made sure she was cared for. He looked in love on the thief crucified with him, and made sure he was cared for. He may well have cried out the question, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” but the very cry brings us hope, for we know that we will never have to make that same cry. Because Jesus was forsaken, we never will be. Our Lord will never leave us, never desert us.

Sometimes God’s comfort comes in a mighty way. Noah, after the deluge, after the destruction of all that he knew, after the isolation in the ark, after all that, was granted a promise. God would never again send such a flood. Noah was given a sign, a sign that continues to this day: the rainbow. God speaks, and God keeps, his promise.

Of course, the typical way that God speaks is in a whisper, like he did with Elijah. Sure there were mighty things that happened: earthquakes, raging winds, a burning fire, and God could easily have used them, but he didn’t. He spoke in a whisper.

Those who witnessed the death of Jesus saw nothing unusual. No heavenly glow surrounded Jesus. No army of angels protected him. It all looked so ordinary and futile. As with every execution, family, friends and loved ones wept.

But at this moment, God was speaking in a whisper. He was saying that he loves us. He was saying that our salvation meant everything to him. He was saying, “Look at Jesus and see how much you are loved.”

That whisper is still sounding forth. It is heard in every good sermon. It is sung in every good hymn. It is heard in every baptism. It is heard at the Lord’s Table. It is the whisper of God’s love in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

O Lord Jesus, grant that we may hear your voice and trust in your word Amen.

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