Old Comforts are the Best

In commenting on Genesis 18:17-19, Valerius Herberger wrote:

O my sweet Lord Jesus, You preached the old Gospel to Abraham, saying that in his seed (i.e. in the Messiah) all the nations of the earth would be blessed. You preached the old text (Gen 3:15) in the old model and manner, and Abraham never tired of it. Oh Lord Jesus, preach the old comfort of You and Your benefits to me also. Old comforts are the best. New bread, new years, new flowers—all these will I accept, but never a new God; never a different comfort will I endure. Keep Your old comfort in my heart, that through You I may receive the blessing, that is, the forgiveness of sins, the hope of the resurrection of my body, and the life everlasting. Always say the same things about the same things. Help me retain word for word in my memory the old comfort with all its old words, that I may not tire of the old truth, nor hunger to hear the novelties of men, but rather receive from You the old truth and blessing that You preached to Abraham and be blessed here on earth and forever in heaven.

Herberger, Valerius The Great Works of God: Parts Three and Four: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 16-50 32


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    R E LANGFORD JR says

    TY, Pastor Rickert, for this post. It helps us all remember where the true source of our lasting comfort is: in the preaching of our LORD Messiah Jesus. TYVM. IMO, this is good advice to every minister of the Savior who sets out to encourage and comfort the “Little Flock” with the Word and Sacraments.

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