Military BibleSticks July Drive

This program provides a “stick” with the Bible recorded on it. All a person has to do is plug in their “ear buds” and press play. As we have military personal all over the world, it also becomes a way to reach all over the globe. The organization has expanded their efforts, partnering with Bible translation groups to provide audio Bibles to as many as possible in their native language. Their goal is to have every language accomplished by 2033. This is exciting, as 70% of the world is still mainly, or exclusively, oral learners. The Faith Comes By Hearing group, which produces these Military Bible Sticks, are equating this with the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Certainly, this is a praiseworthy and God-pleasing objective. However, I remember similar goals set, more than once in my lifetime, to fulfill the Great Commission. The goal has yet to be reached. Whether this goal is achieved, spreading the word of God is what the Church is about. For a gift of $25.00, you can provide a member of our military with the word of God. They can listen to it. They can share it with their families. They can share it with someone who speaks English in the area they are deployed. With this gift, we can have an eternal impact on lives.