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Lionhearts – a Book Review

The Lord be with you,

Ray Keating has published his seventh Pastor Stephen Grant novel named Lionhearts. The books are “thrillers/action” novels along the line of Tom Clancy novels. The protagonist, Stephen Grant, is a Lutheran pastor with an unusual background, he is a former Navy SEALS and CIA analyst/field agent. In each book his former occupations and contacts are needed as he juggles the duties of being a pastor with national and international intrigue. One of the features of these books that I truly appreciate is that they are not just a thrillers but also provide reflection on a theological issue.

In this book, homegrown Islamic terrorist threaten the United States. It starts out with a bang as the terrorists attack numerous Sunday morning worship services on the same day, all so-called “soft targets.” One of the churches is near to Pastor Grant’s congregation and he offers his services to help his fellow pastor deal with the multiple deaths. This sets up the theological issue that runs through the book, a Christian view of death. The book will also offer some views on history that might surprise readers.

Once again, it is a fast read, but that doesn’t mean shallow. The storytelling just draws you along. Like his first six novels, I highly recommend this book, not only as an enjoyable read but also as a book that gives you something to think about.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Rickert

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