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Jesus, the Father’s Word and Yours

In Genesis 8:15-17, the Lord speaks to Noah and tells him to leave the Ark, taking all that he originally placed in it for safekeeping. Following his consistent understanding, Herberger understands the “Lord” who speaks to Noah as the Lord Jesus. This leads him to a blessed understanding of prayer.

Here we find the Spokesman of the heavenly Father, Christ Jesus, in His proper and comforting work, for He is the same Lord who spoke to the godly men of the Old Testament from the beginning (John 8:25).

The Lord Jesus is present in this passage as the Lord High Chancellor, speaking to Noah on God the Father’s behalf. O dear Lord Jesus, if You can relay Your Father’s words to us men, then You can also relay my words back to Your Father. Since Your Father entrusted His words for me to Your care, I too will entrust my words for Your Father to Your care. I know that You will speak them effectively. You can speak far better than I. Every little scar and wound that You received on Your holy body for my sake is a tongue to plead my cause. Oh, how powerfully Your holy nail-prints cry and plead for me, a poor sinner! And so, dear Lord Jesus, since the world is unreliable, I will commit my business with Your Father strictly to Your care. I would gladly have Him as an ally. Oh, grant me a good word! You will not say anything for Yourself personally, for You have no need. You and the Father are one. You will plead my cause justly and fairly. Oh, do so, Lord Jesus, for the glory of Your name! Amen.

Herberger, Valerius The Great Works of God: Parts One and Two: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 1-15 309

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