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Isaac and Christmas Parallels

Isaac’s conception was announced by an angel. O Lord Jesus, Your most holy conception, by which our sinful conception is sanctified, was announced by the angle Gabriel.

Isaac’s name was given before he was born. Your most holy name Jesus, in which we are saved, was also revealed before You were born.

Isaac was named for joy and laughter. Your name brings us eternal joy and gladness.

Isaac was born of an old barren mother contrary to the usual laws of nature. You were born of a virgin. What is more barren than tender, unsullied virginity?

Isaac was born in Sarah’s old age. O Lord Jesus, You were born in the old age of the Jewish religious authority, when everything was nearing its end for God’s people.

Valerius Herberger The Great Works of God: Parts Three and Four: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 16-50 95

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