Hymn Study Schedule [refreshed]

The Lord be with you

What a blessing our hymns are! They are a joy to sing and, due to the richness of their content, they strengthen us spiritually to face life with a spring in our step. Our Thursday study (10:00 AM) has been reviewing the words of many of our hymns, but the list of hymns selected is running out. The group, though, wants???????????????????????????????????? to continue exploring the theology of our hymns and the stories behind them. So they have refreshed our list.

One of the requests is to look at the “Luther” hymns in the hymnal. (We have looked at one or two already.) Martin Luther was a prolific hymn-writer and our current hymnal has many of his hymns. His hymns cover many different topics. In the list below the hymns by Luther are followed by a bracketed word. That word reveals what section of the hymnal the hymn can be found in. With a glance you can see the breath of Luther’s compositions.

April 28 – “All You Works of God, Bless the Lord” LSB 930
May 5 – “Savior of the Nations, Come” LSB 332 [Advent]
May 12 – “From Heaven Above to Earth I Come” LSB 358 [Christmas]
May 19 – “We Praise You, Jesus, at Your Birth” LSB 382 [Christmas]
May 28 – “God of Grace and God of Glory” LSB 850
June 2 – “To Jordan Came the Christ, Our Lord” LSB 406/407 [Epiphany]
June 9 – “Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands” LSB 458 [Easter]
June 16 – “Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord” LSB 497 [Pentecost]
June 23 – “Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies” LSB 873
June 30 – “Triune God, Be Thou Our Stay” LSB 505 [Holy Trinity]
July 7 – “Dear Christians, One and All, Rejoice” LSB 556 [Justification]
July 14 –“Today Your Mercy Calls Us” LSB 915
July 21 –“These Are the Holy Ten Commands” LSB 581 [The Word of God]
July 28 –“From Depths of Woe I Cry to Thee” LSB 607 [Confession and Absolution]
August 4 –“Abide, O Dearest Jesus” LSB 919
August 11 –“O Lord, We Praise Thee” LSB 617 [The Lord’s Supper]
August 18 –“Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior” LSB 627 [The Lord’s Supper]
August 25 – “Go, My Children, with My Blessing” LSB 922
September 1 – “Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word” LSB 655 [The Church Militant]
September 8 – “In the Very Midst of Life” LSB 755 [Hope and Comfort]
September 15 – “Our Father, Who from Heaven Above” LSB 766 [Prayer]
September 22 – “To God the Holy Spirit Let Us Pray” LSB 768 [Prayer]
September 29 – “Grant Peace, We Pray, in Mercy, Lord” LSB 777/778 [Prayer]
October 6 – “May God Bestow on Us His Grace” LSB 823/824 [Mission and Witness]
October 13 – “In Peace and Joy I Now Depart” LSB 938 [Biblical Canticles]
October 20 – “All Glory Be to God Alone” LSB 948 [Liturgical Music]
October 27 – “We All Believe in One True God” LSB 954 [Liturgical Music]
November 3 – “Isaiah, Mighty Seer in Days of Old” LSB 960 [Liturgical Music]

This is a tentative schedule. Different things will, no doubt, happen that will cause us to modify it. Still, this schedule will give you a good idea of where we are headed in our Thursday studies.

Join us, each Thursday, and delve into the Church’s song. You don’t have to be a member of Our Redeemer to participate and be blessed by our time together.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Rickert