We gladly welcome you to our Christian family, trusting that if you are
seeking Christ you will find Him here, if sorrowing you will receive
comfort, if troubled you will rejoice in hope, if friendless find companionship and Christian love. We pray that these and other blessings will be yours as you join us in worship.

Our Mission

By God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit, the family of
Our Redeemer will strengthen ourselves spiritually to bring all people into harmony with God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Service Times

  • 8:45 am – Sunday Adult Bible Study
  • 10:00 am – Sunday Family Worship Service – children are released for Sunday School during the sermon
    (Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays)
  • 7:00 pm – Special Advent or Lenten Wednesday services
  • 10:00 am – Tuesday Morning Bible Study – currently studying the book of Revelation
  • Various Groups & Activities: BAB – Build-A-Bag Project (sewing sleeping bags for the homeless), Ladies Friendship Circle Luncheon Teas, VBS, iNeighborhood community outreach
  • Since 1960 humbly outreaching to tristate residents in: Delaware’s New Castle County, Maryland’s Cecil County and Southeastern Pennsylvania

    Latest Posts

    • Comfort from Jesus’ Resurrection

      From a sermon Martin Luther preached in 1534: In this manifestation [of Jesus to the disciples in John 20:19-31], there are other teachings and examples which are useful and comforting. First, it is good to note that the Lord does not wait for his disciples to go after him, but

    • Christ in Our Worship

      The Lord be with you Luther describes the congregation’s vision of God in the Divine Service most vividly in a sermon on Jn 3:22-25. He speaks about the seeing that comes from the sacramental enactment of God’s Word. After telling of God’s provision of signs in addition to his Word

    • Daily Value in Remembering the Judgment

      We, however, do not belong [to the people who] shrink back for destruction, but [to the people] of faith for the safekeeping of the soul. Hebrews 10:39 Yet despite their privileged status as Christ’s holy brothers, they may not presume on God’s grace, for their salvation depends on their faithful

    • Worthy Reception of the Lord’s Supper

      Martin Luther preached: [L]earn diligently and note well that they do not receive the Sacrament unworthily who confess to be wretched sinners, feel all kinds of temptations, curse from time to time, become impatient, do not always eat and drink in moderation, and then pray for mercy: Help me, Lord,

    • The Preacher Within

      The Preacher Within or “Follow Your Heart?” Martin Luther, in a sermon on 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, sought to encourage his congregation to faithful use of the Lord’s Supper, not simply by outlining the Supper’s benefits but also our need. For you have a preacher within you, who eats and drinks

    • Ears “Digged” Open

      The English Annotations (1645; 1651; 1657): Hebrew, “mine ear hast thou opened”; or “digged open.” It is a proverbial manner of speech, whereby there is implied the qualifying or fitting a person to obedience in service, the ear, or opening of the ear, being an emblem or symbol, or a