Great Analogy of the Incarnation

pregnant-maryArchbishop Proclus of Constantinople, Homily in nativ. Dom., p. 55: “The Virgin Mary is the intellectual [logikos] paradise of the Second Adam, the workshop of the union of the natures, the festivity of the saving exchange, the bridal chamber in which the Word married the flesh.” Page 56: “This Mary is the loom of the tremendous dispensation, on which, in an ineffable way, the tunic of the admirable union was woven. The Holy Spirit was the weaver; the ‘power of the Most High overshadowing’ was the woolworker; the skin of the old Adam was the wool; the pure flesh of the Virgin was the woof; the limitless grace of the Bearer was the shuttle; and the craftsmanship was the Word, who flowed in through hearing.”

Gerhard, Johann Theological Commonplaces: Exegesis IV on Christ, 102