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Finding Where God Speaks

If anyone knew of a church on earth where God’s voice could be heard, how he would run to get there! Yet he would hear nothing other than what he hears from the minister at home in his own church. Of all the blessings and gifts which he received from God, David counted this to be the chief good and most precious treasure, that God had given him a kingdom in which God’s Word was taught, as he says in Psalms 50:7 and 108:7: “God speaks in His sanctuary, of this I am glad.” We can also boast of this and say, God has presented us with the most precious treasure, his dear Holy Word.

Therefore, the holy Christian church is a beautiful and glorious thing because we can hear what God speaks, and what he desires of us, namely, that we should repent, be baptized in his name, and believe on his Son Jesus Christ, prove our faith with Christian fruits, be obedient to God, and serve our neighbor. Whoever touches a Christian believer touches the apple of God’s eye. Whoever believes and does this shall be the dwelling place and temple of God.

Martin Luther, sermon delivered on the first Sunday after Easter, 1534
Eugene F. A. Klug (Editor) Sermons of Martin Luther: The House Postils, volume 2 57

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