Don’t Give Me No Boiled Okra – book review

Book: Don’t Give Me No Boiled Okra (I Don’t Want Noth’in In My Mouth My Teeth Can’t Enjoy First)
Author: Gerald L. Cooper
145 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9962706-0-1

I first met Gerald when we were both stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. He was already a funny guy, but over the subsequent decades he has nurtured his humor, becoming a very funny man. This book of his more than proves the point. He begins each chapter with a personal recollection that sets up the second half of the chapter, which is a series of jokes and stories. Like the comedians of the golden age of television, the humor is family friendly. Okay, there are some fart jokes, and the like, but they will still leave most people laughing. Most of the jokes I have not heard before, which is a delightful surprise to me in reference to a “clean” joke book.

Time and time again, I found myself laughing out loud. I expect you will too. Then your friends will also laugh as you lift out some of the jokes for your own personal use.

Blessings in Christ,