Church Phone: 302-737-6176

Church Email Address:

Note that our e-mail address is now with Please use the info above to contact a staff member, officer or board/committee. The email address is not hypertext activated for internet security reasons. Please copy and past the email address to your email service’s address box. Thank you for your understanding.


Pastor: Rev Dr. John Rickert
Pastor’s Email

Church Secretary:


Church Council Officers:


Vice-President / Property Bd.


Financial Secretary

Recording Secretary

Church Council Boards and Committees:

Congregational Life

Education Board

Evangelism Board

Mutual Ministry
Mutual Ministry Email

Social Ministry

Stewardship Board

Worship Board

Music during worship services are provide by paid professional organists.
(If you are an organist or pianist and would like a full or part-time position, please contact the Church Office)

Volunteers Serving at Our Redeemer:

(If interested in volunteering, please contact the Church Office.)

Ushers, Lectors and Communion Assistants

Sunday School Teachers (children age 3-12)

Altar Guild

Sleeping Bags for the Homeless

Music (Cantor, Choir)

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