Cling to the Word – Luther quote

Here [John 16:13] Christ makes the Holy Spirit a preacher, so that we do not gape up to heaven for Him – at the unstable spirits and visionary enthusiasts do – and separate Him from the spoken Word or the ministry but learn and know that He will be by and with the Word and lead us into all truth through it. … For there is no other way or means to experience the comfort and strength of the Holy Spirit, as I have often shown from Scripture and have myself experienced. For I, too, am a semilearned doctor – not to praise myself too highly above the exalted spirits, who have long since ascended into the clouds far above all Scripture and set themselves under the wings of the Holy Spirit. But far too often experience has taught me that when the devil catches me outside Scripture, when I begin to roam around with my thoughts and flutter heavenward, he brings me to the point where I do not know what is to become of God or of me. Christ, therefore, wants this truth … so tied down that we put aside reason and all our own ideas and feelings and simply cling to the Word, considering it the one truth. (W 46, 57 f – E 50, 79 f – SL 8, 676)

Plass, Ewald M WHAT LUTHER SAYS: A Practical In-Home Anthology for the Active Christian 664