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Adversity Comes by the Ton and Leaves by the Ounce

In Genesis, it took the Lord but a mere 40 days to flood the world, but over a year to dry it out enough for Noah and company to safely step off the Ark. As is his practice, Valerius Herberger draws a great lesson from this contrast.

Something else worthy of consideration is that the flood topped all the mountains in forty days. It was done quickly. So it goes today. When adversity comes, it comes by the ton; when it leaves, it leaves by the ounce, or less. In a flash we are sick, poor, miserable, and weak, yet how long it takes to get back on our feet! Do not let it fret you, dear heart. Our Lord Jesus is not always the “Lord of Hasting”’ He is often a “Lord of Waiting” or “Lord of Whiles.” He may take His time, but He doesn’t forget a thing. Rather, He makes up for His delay with blessings all the richer.

Herberger, Valerius The Great Works of God: Parts One and Two: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 1-15 301

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