This is a Vespers service and the fourth Wednesday message themed around our Stations of the Cross. The message covers stations nine and ten.

John 4:10 Water of Life

March 15, 2020
The sermon from March 15,2020 based on the account of Jesus meeting a woman at a well. What is "living water?" How can we drink that water?

Remembered By Jesus

November 24, 2019
Jesus promises one of the criminals crucified with him that he would be remembered by him and welcomed into paradise. What more could we want? But how can we be…

The Kingdom of God is Near

November 17, 2019
Jesus says "the Kingdom of God is near," but what does he mean by the kingdom of God?

Together We Stand

November 3, 2019
This "All Saints' Sunday" message considers the status of believers at three different times, while in this present physical life, after death but before the Second Coming o Jesus, and…

Wisdom Justified

October 27, 2019
The Reformation brought massive changes to the Christian West, unifying languages, sparking education, and more. But, is that what the Reformation is about? On what does the Reformation stand or…

A Sermon on Prayer

October 20, 2019
Why is it so difficult for many of us to maintain a strong prayer life?

Reading Ruth with NT Eyes

October 13, 2019
We have almost no readings from Ruth in our lectionary so this message gives us the grand sweep of the book and some of the major themes.

Unworthy Servants

October 6, 2019
When you think of all the good works done by Christians it comes as a surprise that Jesus says we are "unworthy servants." What does he mean?