Sunday Thoughts for March 31

The Lord be with you We will be sharing the Lord’s Supper this coming Sunday and using the second setting […]

Chrysostom on Prayer

Prayer is no small bond of love for God, developing in us the habit of converse with him and encouraging […]

Sunday Thoughts for March 24

The Lord be with you This coming Sunday (March 24) is the Third Sunday in Lent. We will be using […]

God is the God of the Humble

Here we need statements like those which the holy fathers undoubtedly used to ponder a great deal. Though He is […]

Sin, Promise & Justification

Sin is sin, and by its nature it merits punishment, whether you acknowledge it or not. The acknowledgment of sin […]

Wednesday Thoughts for March 13

The Lord be with you Tomorrow (March 13) we will have our second Wednesday Lent service. The service will begin […]

Sunday Thoughts for March 17

The Lord be with you This coming Sunday is the Second Sunday in Lent (March 11, 2019). The old Latin […]

One Cause for Justification

There is only one cause for justification, namely, the merit of Christ, or the gracious mercy which hearts that are […]