Sunday Thoughts for December 30

The Third Day of Christmas December 27, 2018 The Lord be with you This coming Sunday is the First Sunday […]

Right There on That Hay

When our daughter was four years old, she was entertaining a young friend during Advent. The visitor’s family were not […]

Wednesday Thoughts for December 19

The Lord be with you Tomorrow (December 19) will be our third and final Wednesday Advent service for the year. […]

Wednesday Thoughts for December 12

The Lord be with you Tomorrow, December 12, we will have our second Wednesday Advent service. Once again we will […]

Sunday Thoughts for December 9

The Lord be with you This coming Sunday (December 9) is the Second Sunday of Advent. We will be using […]

Wednesday (12/5) Advent Thoughts

The Lord be with you The season of Advent always has four Sundays. However, it does not always have four […]

1 Thess. 3:13 The Comings of Advent

The Advent season is typically understood within the Church, but not outside. This message is about the three “comings” of […]