Perez and Jesus

JESUS, The Mighty Perez, a Breacher and Breaker (Gen. 28:29) When Perez was born, he injured his mother’s womb, which […]

The Thread of Life

JESUS CHRIST’S Scarlet Blood Signified by the Scarlet Thread on Zerah’s Hand (Gen. 38:28). Zerah was marked with a scarlet […]

News from the District

New voice in the Mission and Ministry Office Taylor Holmes is the new primary person to answer the phones in […]

Hebrews 4:9-10 Our Sabbath Rest

It may seem strange to Christians, but the Ten Commandments were not immediately adopted by the Church as our moral […]

Walther on Mercy – a review

The Lord be with you The full name of the pamphlet I’m reviewing is “Walther on Mercy: Selections on the […]