A Trustworthy Star

The greatest and foremost skill—no matter who the person is – is to cling firmly to the Word and conceive […]

God’s Baptism – a sermon (text)

The Baptism of our Lord (Epiphany 1) January 7, 2018 Lections: Psalm ; Genesis 1:1–5; Romans 6:1–11; Mark 1:4–11 Sermon: […]

The Word – Our Epiphany

This example of the wise men [being directed to Bethlehem from a quote out of Micah] serves us Gentiles well […]


The Epiphany of Our Lord January 6 With overflowing joy, the Church of Jesus Christ, celebrates today the feast of […]

Isaac, Easter and You

Isaac was utterly dead in Abraham’s heart and mind until the third day, when Abraham received new orders from God. […]