The Visitation

The Visitation May 31 The Lord be with you Today we celebrate as the visitation of Mary. This commemorates when […]

Glory – a sermon

This past Sunday’s sermon was titled “Glory.” The text was John 17:1. Below is the video of the message.

Revelaion 7:9-17 – Bible Study

Below is the latest Revelation study post. In it we see palm bearing, white robed, citizens of heaven beyond count […]

What Now? – a sermon

Below is the sermon given May 21, 2017. The text is 1 Peter 3:15. It explores the question of what […]

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend May 27, 2017 The Lord be with you This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is […]


The Festival of the Ascension of our Lord May255, 2016 The Lord be with you Today is the Ascension of […]

Commemoration of Esther

The Commemoration of Esther May 24 The Lord be with you Esther (which means “star”) is the heroine of the […]

Sentiments of Unrepentant Hearts

The following quote appeared in Forum Letter, volume 46, number 5, May 2017. Forum Letter is a monthly publication of […]

Constantine and Helena

Commemoration of Emperor Constantine, Christian Ruler, and Helena, Mother of Constantine May 21 The Lord be with you The Bible […]

Comfort at Life’s End

A certain Dr. Creutzenach celebrated many masses, fasted often, even built a house for repentant sinners where they could be […]