The Sun and Moon, and Us

The sun must give its light to the moon, otherwise the moon would have no light. Dear Lord Jesus, my […]

Lime, Water & Oil

Lime, Water & Oil – an analogy on the effects of Law and Gospel Accordingly, the Law is good, righteous, […]

Now and Not Yet- Luther Quote

[These] expressions “to redeem,” “that we might receive adoption,” “you are sons,” “He has sent the Spirit,” “He is a […]

St Mark, Evangelist

Feast of St Mark, Evangelist April 25 The Lord be with you Today is the Feast Day of St. Mark, […]

Johann Walter, Kantor

Commemoration of Johann Walter, Kantor April 24 The Lord be with you One of the great blessings of the Lutheran […]

Love Yourself?

One should also note most carefully that from the words of this commandment [to love your neighbor as yourself] some […]