Commemoration of Joseph, Patriarch

Joseph, Patriarch March 31, 2017 On the commemoration of Joseph, we read a devotion taken from The Great Works of […]

The New Testament – a homily

This is yesterday’s (Wed, 3/29) message from our fifth Lent service. It is titled “The New Testament.” It is the […]

Revelation 5:7-14 – Bible study

Below is the next installment from our Revelation class. It finishes chapter five of the book. Symbolic topics addressed include […]

Can the Blind See?

The sermon given on Lent 4 was based on the story of Jesus healing a man born blind (John 9). […]

The Annunciation of Our Lord

Feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord March 25 The Lord be with you March 25, since classical times, has […]

Water of Life – homily

The Lord be with you Below is the homily video for Wednesday, March 22. It is the second one on […]

Revelation 4:9-5:6

The Lord be with you Our most recent Revelation class finished chapter 4 and covered the first six verses in […]

Wednesday Worship

This coming Wednesday’s (March 22) Lenten service continues our look at “Word and Sacrament.” The message is titled “Water of […]