Is Death Natural?

Death is a perennial issue for humanity. It is not surprising, then, that the book WHAT LUTHER SAYS, has 25 […]

What Is A Christian?

What is a Christian? How do they act? How do they develop? These are questions asked in every generation. These […]

WHAT LUTHER SAYS – book review

The Lord be with you The Bible remains timeless because the condition and concerns of humanity really doesn’t change over […]

Me, A Light?

In today’s message, Pastor continues to share how the Bible’s teaching about how we are both sinners and saints at […]

Do You Know About the CTCR?

WHAT IS THE CTCR? The Holy Christian Church consists of all those—and only those—who trust in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, […]

Who Was Claus Harms?

Claus Harms, Pastor, Theologian, Confessor and Renewer of the Church February 1 Our liturgical calendar has Feasts, Festivals and Commemorations. […]