The Unity of the Divine and Human

The Bible’s teaching about the two natures of Jesus Christ is the consistent understanding of Christians throughout the ages. To […]

Happy Birthday Martin Luther

Birthday of Martin Luther, 1483 November 10 The Lord be with you Martin Luther’s birthday isn’t actually on our liturgical […]

Martin Chemnitz, Pastor and Confessor

Commemoration of Martin Chemnitz (birth), Pastor and Confessor November, 9 The Lord be with you Si Martinus non fuisset, Martinus […]

Revelation 2:12-17, part 2

The Lord be with you Part 2 of our Bible study on Revelation 2:12-17 wrapped up our look at the […]

Revelation 2:12-17, part 2

The Lord be with you, Part two of our look at the church in Pergamum is posted below. This wraps […]

Revelation 2:12-17, part 1

The Lord be with you The video below covers introductory information for Revelation 2:12-17, which is the letter to the […]

Is God’s Law Weak?

Therefore the Law of Moses produces nothing that goes beyond the things of the world, that is, it merely shows […]