Explaining Jesus and His Birth?

Gerhard quoting Athanasius: Athanasius, Contra Arian., sermon 3: “It is unseemly to ask how the Word is from God or […]

Thanksgiving Worship

Happy Thanksgiving This Wednesday, November 23, Thanksgiving Eve, we will have our annual Thanksgiving worship service. We will use Responsive […]

Knowing God

… God does not want to be known except through Christ; nor, according to John 1:18, can He be known […]

Revelation 2:18-29, part 1

The Lord be with you The next Revelation class has been posted. It covers an introduction to the church at […]

Is God’s Law Against His Promises?

[T]herefore, Paul teaches, at some length and with considerable beauty, that if you consider the true and best use of […]

Understanding Absolution

The Lord be with you, “Absolution” is a common feature in Lutheran worship services. It is that point where the […]