Immigrants Among Us – a review

Immigrants Among Us: A Lutheran Framework for Addressing Immigration Issues – a review A Report of the Commission on Theology […]

The Creator’s Tapestry – a review

The Creator’s Tapestry Scriptural Perspectives on Man-Woman Relationships in Marriage and the Church A report of the Commission on Theology […]

Faith Among Mockers

The Lord be with you Charles Haddon Spurgeon was a famous 19th century preacher who would not have cut it […]

Commemoration of Isaiah

Commemoration of Isaiah Friday, July 6 The Lord be with you July 6, on our calendar, is the Commemoration of […]

What is the CTCR?

The Lord be with you Yesterday I posted a review of a “CTCR” report. Many may be wondering, just what […]

Orphan Grain Train July Newsflash

Dear Friend of Orphan Grain Train Mid-Atlantic, This month it’s all about Greece. You first learned of a relief shipment […]